How to perform Samsung Flash Drive Recovery?

“Hello friends, can anyone please suggest me how to recover Samsung flash drive data?? Yesterday, when I connected my flash drive to Windows computer, an error message was displayed saying that “USB Device Not Recognized”, and because of this error, I was unable to access any of my stored data on it. I tried connecting flash drive to different storage systems, but same error was displayed. Now I really don’t know how to perform Samsung flash drive recovery, so I am in need of your help, please take me out of this problem. Thanks in advance.”

Have you experienced the same error as mentioned above, and want to know how to recover Samsung flash drive data? If so, then don’t panic thinking about Samsung flash drive recovery because, this recovery task can be easily carried out by using the most reliable and highly rated application like Samsung Recovery Software. This prominent retrieval tool has powerful programs that effectively retrieve data from Samsung flash drive. Along with data recovery from Samsung flash drive, it can even opt to perform Samsung Notebook recovery with utmost ease.

How data may get deleted or lost from Samsung flash drive?

  • Improper Removal: Sometimes, after accessing or processing data from flash drive, you may improperly remove or eject flash drive from your computer which leads to its corruption and data loss from it.
  • Virus Attack: Flash drive is a portable device so, there are more chances that it may get affected by virus. Once flash drive gets affected by virus, then you won’t be able to fetch data from it.
  • File System Corruption: If the file system of flash drive gets affected due to some reasons, then you may face different error messages as mentioned above. This leads to data loss from flash drive.
  • Other Reasons: You may lose data form flash drive due to other reasons like bad sectors, use of unreliable third party tool to compress files, unintentional/intentional format, accidental deletion, etc.

You no need to be bothered about any of these flash drive data loss scenarios as you can easily perform Samsung flash drive recovery using the best Samsung Recovery Software. This incredible recovery software also facilitates you to recover Samsung internal memory data. To get more details on data recovery from Samsung internal memory, visit:

Spectacular features of Samsung Recovery Software

Samsung Recovery is a powerful and most preferred application by industry professionals to restore Samsung flash drive data. It scans your entire flash drive within few moments to recover data without missing even single file. This effective program is capable to recover data from Samsung flash drive on popular versions of Windows and Mac systems. By using its Android version, you can even perform Android Tablet recovery, Smartphone data recovery, etc. It has wizard like interface that helps both technical and non-technical users to know how to recover Samsung flash drive data within few eye blinks. Other than Samsung, it also supports data recovery from other brands of flash drives like SanDisk, Sony, Transcend, Lexar, etc. It has potential to get back more than 280 file types including images, documents, videos, RAR files, EXE files, music files, spreadsheets and more. It can also be utilized to recover data from formatted and corrupted hard disk. This tool supports data recovery from external HDD, iPods, memory cards (Micro SD, CF card, SDHC, SDXC, etc.), CF cards, FireWire drive, Pen drive, etc. It enables you to preview restored data prior to saving it on any desired location.

Simple steps to perform Samsung flash drive recovery

Step 1: Download and install Samsung Recovery Software on your system. In the main screen, you can see three options. Select Recover Drives” option to restore data from Samsung flash drive.

Samsung Flash Drive Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Now, in the new window, you can view two options i.e., "Partition Recovery" and "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery". Select any one of the option to recover Samsung flash drive data.

Samsung Flash Drive Recovery - Select Required Option

Fig 2: Select Required Option

Step 3: From the displayed drives, select your Samsung flash drive from which you need to recover data.

Samsung Flash Drive Recovery - Select Samsung Flash Drive

Fig 3: Select Samsung Flash Drive

Step 4: After the completion of recovery process, you can view the recovered data using "Preview" option.

Samsung Flash Drive Recovery - Preview Recovered Data

Fig 4: Preview Recovered Data