How to Restore Samsung Memory Card?

Most of them might be aware of memory cards used on your mobiles. These cards are tiny portable storage device which can store data of all types such as pictures, videos, music files and so on. In the market, you have a wide range of flash memory cards of different types and size capacity. These devices are used on smart phones and digital camera for basic data storage. There are tendencies of data loss, when a memory card is used often by users

Think about a common scenario where you may tend to lose a file. You clicked a set of photos when you had been for a wonderful trip with your family. Since you had captured the pictures on your mobile phone, you had to transfer them from your phone to your personal computer. So your detached the card from the phone in a hurry. This caused your memory card to get corrupted which lead to the inaccessibility of files saved on your memory card. You had to pay for your careless behavior and lost your only copy of the files. Are you eager to know how to restore lost your lost or deleted files? Yes, retrieving files from samsung memory card is possible until a file is overwritten and this can be achieved with the use of recovery software and one of the best software that you can use in this case is Samsung Mobile Memory Card Recovery which can retrieve Samsung memory card files in an effective way

Have a glance at the below data loss reasons :

Abrupt Removal:  Memory cards are embedded at a separate slot on mobiles. Therefore at times of file transfer, you have to remove them from the device and connect them to the other system. Since the cards are tiny in size they have to be carefully handled at times of removal. Although most of the times people fail to follow this and perform actions of card removal without switching off the phone and end up in losing files

Insufficient memory in the card: Flash memory cards have a defined size limit and a user can store files only within that limit. But at certain times in order to complete some task, users try to force and store files though there is no enough space. This causes the loss of your valuable files preserved on the memory cards

File system corruption: As any other storage device even memory cards consists of file systems. These file system helps in file organization and management. Operating system retrieves the files with the help of file system and it's anything causes the corruption of file system it results in inaccessibility of files stored on your Samsung memory card

Samsung Mobile Memory Card Recovery is one of the prominent tools that is capable of recovering all lost and deleted files from your memory cards used on your Samsung mobiles. You can restore Samsung memory card images, videos, pictures and many of the file types using this software. Samsung Mobile Memory Card Recovery can retrieve lost files from memory cards supporting both FAT16 and FAT32. By making use of Samsung memory card recovery software, you can easily perform android media file recovery on Windows system.

After recovery of files from memory cards you will be able to preview the content prior to the restoration. This software can restore Samsung memory card in very short duration. You can install and use Samsung Mobile Memory Card Recovery software on all latest Windows and Mac versions with ease and perform Samsung Mobile memory card recovery. To know how to recover lost or deleted data from Samsung Galaxy Y Duos using this advanced recovery application, visit:

Steps for retrieving files from Samsung memory card:

Step 1: Download the software on your computer and launch the tool for retrieving files from Samsung memory card. Connect the Samsung memory card to your system where you have installed the software

Step 2: Now select "Recover Photos" option from the home page

Samsung Mobile Memory Card Recovery  - First Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 3: From the next screen select "Recover Lost Photos" or "Recover Deleted Photos" as per the data loss scenario

Samsung Mobile Memory Card Recovery  - Select Recover Deleted or Lost Files

Fig 2: Select Lost or Deleted Photos

Step 4: Select from memory card drive from the list shown in a new screen

Samsung Mobile Memory Card Recovery - Choose Samsung Memory Card

Fig 3: Select Samsung Flash Memory Card

Step 5: When the process of recovery is done preview the file and save it on a valid location

Samsung Mobile Memory Card Recovery- View Restored File

Fig 4: Preview Recovered File