How to Perform Samsung SATA HDD Recovery?

SATA hard drive is a component of a PC that is used to store huge amount of data like business related documents, movies, video clips, etc. It is used to store complex software programs such as operating system, along with other programs like files and folders. There are various other type of external as well as internal hard drives are available in market such as ATA, SCSI, IDE, and more. Proper maintenance of hard drive enhances the overall performance of system and hence increases the efficiency of your computer.

Hard drive failure is a common issue faced by many users. The overall quality and efficiency of a hard drive tends to fall with time due to over usage of hard drive. Sometime, due to bad sectors created on hard disk your precious becomes inaccessible. Extend use of hard drive beyond a limit often leads to hard drive crash and as a result your data become inaccessible. If you are facing such kind of issues then first question arises how to recover data from Samsung SATA HDD. Do not worry! Just make use one of Samsung Recovery Software which performs Samsung SATA HDD recovery with ease and helps you to restore data from Samsung SATA HDD. Samsung recovery software is one of the best tools used to recover data from Samsung SATA HDD. It can also facilitate you to recover deleted files from Samsung Camera.

Common reason that lead to deletion of data from Samsung SATA HDD

  • Formatting/Reformatting Error: Sometimes, when you try to open or access SATA hard drive, you may face format errors due to which you won't be able to extract your required data from it.
  • Improper Partitioning: There are various tools available to partition system hard drive. But if you make use of an unreliable application, then there are chances for data loss from your SATA hard drive. But don’t get panic; you can recover such lost data using sophisticated techniques. Check this out for getting more information regarding such data redemption.
  • Crashed Drive: Samsung SATA hard drive may get crashed due to several reasons such as improper system shut down while accessing data from Samsung SATA hard drive, virus attack, etc. Once your Samsung SATA HDD is crashed, then you will not be able to access data from it.

There are other reasons also that lead to deletion or loss of data from Samsung SATA HDD such as bad sectors, emptying recycle bin or trash, etc. Regardless of data loss reason, this software has capability to perform Samsung SATA HDD recovery and helps you to retrieve data from Samsung SATA HDD in short span of time. Apart from this, you can also use this powerful tool to restore data from different Samsung Smartphone series such as from Samsung Galaxy Tab, Samsung Galaxy S4 and so on. To know more about how to restore data from Samsung Galaxy Tab, go through this link:

Prominent features of Samsung Recovery Software

  • It can easily perform Samsung SATA HDD recovery in order to restore data from Samsung SATA HDD within couple of minutes.
  • This software is recommended by industry professionals to perfrom data recovery from Samsung SATA hard drive..
  • It is compatible with both Windows and Mac Operating system such as MAC OS x 10.5, MAC OS X 10.6, Windows 7, and Windows 8 and so on.
  • It provides a preview option which helps you to analyze the overall quality of this tool prior to restoration of recovered data.
  • You can easily perform Samsung Galaxy Note 3 data recovery with the use of this reliable software in your system.
  • Samsung Recovery Software is fully automated with advanced features which makes this tool more efficient as compare to others and helps you to recover data from Samsung SATA HDD with ease.
  • With the use of this powerful utility, you can easily recover data even from different partition such as FAT16, FAT32, NTFS and many more.
  • Just keep in mind that you can also perform Samsung SSD data recovery from different SSD models of Samsung using this utility.

Simple steps to perform Samsung SATA HDD recovery

Step 1: Download and install Samsung Recovery Software to your system. In the main screen, you can see three options. Select Recover Drives” option to restore data from Samsung SATA hdd.

Samsung SATA HDD Recovery - Main Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Now in the new window, you can view two options i.e., "Partition Recovery" and "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery". Select any one of the option to recover Samsung SATA HDD data.

Samsung SATA HDD Recovery - Select Recover Deleted or Lost Files

Fig 2: Select Appropriate Option

Step 3: From the displayed drives, select your Samsung SATA HDD from which you need to recover data.

Samsung SATA HDD Recovery - Choose Samsung SATA HDD

Fig 3: Select Samsung SATA HDD

Step 4: After the completion of recovery process, you can view the recovered data using "Preview" option.

Samsung SATA HDD Recovery - Preview Restored Data

Fig 4: Preview Recovered Data