How to Recover Data from Samsung Ultrabook?







Ultrabook is a fresh breed of laptops, which are designed to fill the gap between laptops and tablets. It is a high-end laptop which is sleek in design but uncompromising in performance. There are various brands of Ultrabook available in market among them; Samsung is one of most used around the globe due to their impressive look, good performance, long-battery-life and lightweight. Practically, Samsung Ultrabook is specific type of laptop which is designed to compete increasing popularity of tablets. Samsung Ultrabook provides you portability with better performance than a tablet.

Even with such numerous features you can’t deny from being a victim of data loss from Samsung Ultrabook due to known and unknown reasons. Definitely it may create a disaster situation for you as there may be important data loss from Samsung Ultrabook. But fortunately no need to worry about this problem as there is a tool developed specially to get rid of such unexpected circumstance of data loss from Samsung Ultrabook. This software is named as “Samsung Recovery” which can recover data from Samsung Ultrabook regardless of the reasons behind data loss or deletion. Thus, now in case of such data loss issues from Ultrabook, you no need to worry about how to recover data from Samsung Ultrabook. Just download Samsung Recovery software and easily recover data from Samsung Ultrabook within few simple clicks. This software is capable enough to recover data from Samsung laptop on Windows 8,Windows 7, etc. It not only recover data from Samsung Ultrabook, but also recovers files from other series and brands of laptops and desktops. Before discussing more about the software, let’s see some scenarios due to which data can be lost or deleted from Samsung Ultrabook.

Common reasons behind data loss from Samsung Ultrabook

  • Accidental Deletion: There may be some unwanted files which are no longer needed; you may delete such files to make space for storing new files. While choosing such unwanted files by mistake you may choose important files too and delete them.
  • Unintentional Format: Transferring data between Ultrabook and other device via USB storage devices is a common operation. While interfacing USB storage device you may get error message like “Disk is not formatted, Format it now?” In such case there is no other option, except formatting it. And formatting will erase all stored data and lead to data loss.

  • Virus Attack: Virus is an unwanted program which always tries to alter existed files and programs. It may damage important files and may delete them without notifying you.

  • Emptying Recycle Bin: Recycle Bin is a temporary storage location, which stores temporarily deleted files and folder, thus enables you to recover deleted files from Samsung Ultrabook. Sometimes while deleting junk files and temporary files to increase performance, you may also clean Recycle Bin. And if it contains any important files reference then it becomes impossible by emptying Recycle Bin.

  • Other Reasons: Apart from above mentioned scenarios there are more reasons due to which you may loss data from Samsung Ultrabook such as interruption while transferring, abruptly shutting down of system, malware programs, faulty hard drive etc. In any of above mentioned scenarios you can recover data from Samsung Ultrabook by using Samsung Recovery tool.

Striking features of Samsung Recovery software

Samsung Recovery is inbuilt with powerful efficient algorithm, which scans entire hard drive to restore data from Samsung Ultrabook within few eye blinks and retrieve almost all types of data without affecting original data. It has great user friendly interface, which instructs each and every step thus enables any new user to retrieve data from Samsung Ultrabook as experts without any hassle. Besides Samsung Ultrabook recovery you can use this tool to recover data from Samsung external hard disk, memory card, pen drive, etc. of any brands. After recovering data from Samsung Ultrabook you can view those before saving on actual memory space. And recovered data from Samsung Ultrabook can be stored on any location or any storage device having sufficient space to store recovered data.

Steps need to follow for Samsung Ultrabook recovery:

Step 1: Install and launch Samsung Recovery Software to your system. On the main screen, there will be three options. Select "Recover Drive" option to recover data from Samusng Ultrbook.

Samsung Ultrbook Data Recovery - Main Screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: In next window, two options will be displayed "Partition Recovery" and "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery". Select as per your need to recover Samsung Ultrabook hard drive data.

Samsung Ultrbook Data Recovery - Select Recover Deleted or Lost Files

Figure 2: Select Recovery Option

Step 3: Select the Samsung Ultrbook hard drive from which you need to restore data.

Samsung Ultrbook Data Recovery - Choose Samsung Ultrbook Hard Drive

Figure 3: Select Samsung Ultrbook Hard Drive

Step 4: After completing recovery process, you can view recovered data using "Preview" option..

Samsung Ultrabook Data Recovery - View Recovereded Data

Figure 4: Preview Recovered File