How to Recover Deleted & Lost DNG Files from Samsung SD Card?

In today's tech world, data storage devices have increased, storage capacity have increased and many more developments have occurred till now. Secure Digital cards are very familiar to us, as it is very commonly used in cameras, mobile phones, camcorders and many other electronic gadgets. What is the role of DNG files when dealt with media? What is the importance of DNG files? DNG is a raw image format and also a format that supports partly processed images. DNG is known as Digital Negative. This is a format in which captured image information is stored in a generic and highly compressed form. DNG‘s are similar to raw images but not the same. It contains full information of raw images but smaller and have good quality features. DNG files are supported by all major camera brands like Samsung, Casio, Panasonic etc.

Captured images stored as DNG files are of great importance for professional photographers especially those who loves beauty of the images. But in search of negatives, sometimes you will get disappointed as you may find the SD card empty. How the DNG files are lost from the SD card? Let us glance through some of the main reasons for loss of DNG files from SD card.

  • Unintentional formatting: : Formatting of the SD card can be a main reason for loss of DNG files from SD card. Either formatting of the memory card purposefully or due to any format error can result in loss of all data including DNG files from SD card.
  • Accidental deletion: It is very common that user may accidently click delete all option in a digital camera while previewing the images stored in the SD card.
  • Improper import: Many times user may loss DNG files due to errors occurred while importing images after converting Raw image files to DNG file.
  • File transfer failure: There are chances of loss of DNG files due to sudden ejection or power failure while transferring DNG files from camera SD card to computer or vice versa.
  • Capturing Images in Low battery Mode: Capturing images when the battery of the camera is low can lead to deletion or loss of photos from the camera SD card

SamsunG Recovery Software to Restore DNG Files from SD Card:

DNG files lost from the SD card of your device can be easily recovered using professional recovery software like Samsung Recovery. Comprehensive file recovery features of the application makes the recovery process simple and easy. So that DNG files can be easily recovered by professionals and people who lack knowledge of recovery tool also. The remarkable features of the DNG file recovery application are:

  • Built in special algorithm of the application helps to recover DNG files from SD card within a short period of few eye blinks.
  • The application is able to restore DNG files from SD card which are permanently deleted or lost due to various reasons discussed above.
  • Ability to recover DNG files from SD card having a corrupted file system. It is a suitable application to recover DNG files from data storage devices like pen drive, external hard disk, memory cards etc.
  • It is able to recover deleted image files from Samsung galaxy phones on Windows as well as Mac operating system. Similarly the utility is able to recover media files from all other cameras, smart phones and various other electronic devices.
  • It enables the user to preview the images of DNG files retained from SD card before data restoration.
  • The DNG file recovery application is helpful in differentiating files. It sorts the recovered files on the basis of name, size and date.
  • Other than DNG files, the utility can recover JPEG,TIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP and many more image file formats.

Easy steps to recover DNG files from SD Card

Step 1: Download and Install the free version of Samsung Recovery Software on your system. Connect the Samsung storage device to the system, and launch the software by double clicking on the desktop icon. Choose the samsung storage drive from where you wish to recover the files and click on Scan.

Restore Samsung Data - Main Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Note - If you are unable to find the device then click on the Can't find the drive option to locate the device.

Retrieve files from Samsung - Scanning in progress

Fig 2: Click on Can't Find Drive Option

Step 3: After QuickScan is completed, click on Dynamic recovery view to see the recovered files.

Samsung Recovery tool- Recovered Data in Data View & File Type View

Fig 3: Recovered Data in File Type View & Data View

Step 4: Double-click to preview the recovered file. If you are satisfied with the recovery, click on Restore to save them on your computer.

Recover data from Samsung- Preview recovered files

Fig 4: Preview Recovered Files

Step 5: If you are satisfied with the recovery results, select the files and hit Recover to save at your desired location.

Samsung Recovery software - Save retrieved files

Fig 5: Save Recovered Files