Samsung Galaxy Note 2 File Recovery


Samsung is a popular and widely used brand of Samsung devices that includes mobile phones, Tablets, laptops, etc. Samsung has captured the market of Android Smartphones because of the wide range of products it offers with latest technology and unique features. When a Samsung mobile phone is used to capture photos, those photos will be stored either in the Samsung internal memory or on the memory card of the mobile phone. But what if those photos get deleted from your Samsung phone? In that situation, a user might think, are the deleted photos recoverable?

Keep reading to know the solution to this question.

About Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is an extremely capable device for taking pictures and video recordings. Although it has a lot of internal memory but still for the users who need more storage space, external memory card can be connected to the Galaxy Note 2. So, the deletion or loss can happen from either phone’s internal or external memory. But the good news is that the files deleted or lost from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 can be recovered.

Why recovery is possible?

When a file gets deleted, the OS doesn’t simply destroy the selected files. Instead of removing the actual files, only the pointers to that file are destroyed from the file allocation table. This gives a signal to the OS that that particular space is available for saving new data. Until any new data is stored on that space, the recovery is possible; therefore, it is highly recommended that you stop using your Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone immediately. This will keep the deleted and lost files in recoverable state by avoiding overwriting. So in the same way, we can able to perform Samsung External Hard Drive Recovery.

Now, let's see the cases in which you may delete or lose crucial data from your Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

You are viewing a picture, but all of a sudden you deleted it since you click the wrong option

Or you mistakenly delete an important file instead of the unwanted one

Or you removed a file as it was not accessible

Or the files are deleted or loss due to transferring error

Or you accidentally deleted all files, by pressing Delete All instead of deleting some selected files

Or you pressed format option and lost all files saved on your Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Or you accidentally reset your phone to its original factory settings and lost even the last bit of information present on the phone

Whatever may be the reason to delete or lose files from Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 file recovery is possible. The tool not only works for Samsung phones but is also capable to recover deleted files from Samsung camera, Tablets & laptops.

Samsung recovery software is proved to be a powerful and advanced recovery program to recover files from Samsung Galaxy Note 2, S3, S4 and other brands of Samsung phones. Click here to recover data from Samsung Galaxy S4 phones.

Samsung recovery software can recover files from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 of formats like photos, videos, audio files, apk files and other documents. It is capable to restore files from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 internal as well as external memory. It provides support to all kinds and brands of memory cards to recover file from Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Visit to know how to recover deleted songs from Samsung galaxy S3 Smart phone.

To restore files from Samsung Galaxy Note 2, you need to connect your phones as an external device to a Windows computer and perform the recovery. The user can perform Samsung Galaxy Note 2 file recovery on all the versions of Windows OS, including Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP and Windows Server 2003 & 2008. In order to recover lost or deleted JPEG images from your data storage devices you can visit the following the link:

How to perform Samsung Galaxy Note 2 file recovery?

Step 1: From the main screen, select “Recover Lost Files” or “Recover Deleted Files

Recover Files from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Main Screen

Fig 1: Android Home Page

Step 2: Now select the connected Samsung Galaxy Note 2 phone and proceed.

Recover Files from Samsung Galaxy Note 2 - Select Android Drive

Fig 2: Choose Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Drive

Step 3: Now preview the recovered files and save them after buying the full version.

Recover Files from Samsung Galaxy Note 2- Save Recovered Data

Fig 3: Save Restored Data